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Review: Yumi Beautiful Rose Hip Seed Oil


Previously I’ve tried out two different rose hip seed oil, one from InstaNatural, and one from Dr. Song  . So, when Yumi offered me their rose hip seed oil to try out I immediately said yes because I liked the other two and I figured it would be fun to try out another.

First off this came a little different then most of the packages that I receive from amazon (of course most of the beauty products I review are available on amazon). It comes in a logo box inside of the normal brown shipping box. On the outside it has the Yumi beautiful name with a flower logo at the top, in a pinkish red. The bottle inside of it is a very dark brown and it’s paper wrapper matches the box exactly. Of course it also has the very common dropper dispenser.

To apply I just used the dropper and get a small amount on my skin. Although it’s mostly for the face I like to apply it to my hands which actually have a little bit of sun damage. It goes in quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. Plus no irritation which is very nice. 

Verdict: I really like the Yumi pure organic rose hip seed oil. It’s 100% pure rose hip seed oil and all organic which I love and it actually works. It’s made the skin on my hands look a whole lot younger hand healthier so of course I’m going to keep using it. 


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