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Review:Body Merry Hyaluronic Dew Serum


Dewy skin is something that has been in for at least a few years now. It makes your skin look young and fresh so of course everyone wants it. When Body Merry (who’s eye cream I’ve previously reviewed and liked  ) offered me a chance to try out their hyaluronic dew serum I wanted to try it out. Both because I’m a fan of the brand and I was curious how it would compare to hyaluronic acid serums. 

To start with, I have to talk about the packaging. My serum came direct from amazon which is of course a great thing for a whole host of reasons. It was well wrapped and inside had a dark blue glass bottle with a lighter blue label made from paper on it. The dispenser is the ever so common dropper kind, that as you might now know I have mixed feelings about.

The color is completely clear and it has the consistency of a hand sanitizer. It easily went into my skin and didn’t have any left over residue. On my face it feels cool and smooth for a minute and then my face just felt soft. 

Verdict: After trying out this Hyaluroinic Dew Serum for two weeks I can say I like it pretty well. I didn’t have any skin irritation or other issues, and it made my skin feel soft and healthier looking. I can’t say though that it is different than a hyaluronic acid.  


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