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Review: Key West Retinol Cream


I’m always looking for the newest and best skin care product so when Key West offered to send me their retinol cream in 2.5% of course I said yes. Not only do I have a a thing with keeping my skin look nice but I’ve previously tried out the Key West Shea Butter so I figured the product would be good.

It comes in a fairly tall bottle that is metal on the ends and has hard clear plastic center. Of course though you can’t clearly see what’s in it because the wrapper goes all the way around which I’m not a big fan of. It does have all the information you should need though like what exactly retinol cream is and how to use it. There is a cap, and underneath and has a push down lid that’s my favorite kind of dispenser. 

Going onto my skin this retinol cream is a pure white which of course I like. It goes on smooth and is fairly thin but for a few minutes it does leave reside behind. After about twenty minutes I didn’t notice anything. There wasn’t any skin irritation or other issues, and after some time trying it out I can say my skin does feel nicer. 


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