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Review: Morea Naturals Hyaluronic Acid


Previously I’ve tried out a few other Hyaluronic Acid serums like one from fox brim, InstaNatural, and Dr. Song . So when Morea Naturals offered me to try out their Hyaluronic Acid age-delaying serum with power antioxidants, vitamin c and green tea I figured I should do it. I’m curious how it compares to the others I’ve tried out. 

It comes in a circular hard plastic white container. I like the simple blue lettering and the large lid. Underneath the lid is a push down dispenser that has a large base making it easy to use. The serum comes out clear and has a much softer oder of the hyaluronic acid than others I’ve tried out. It’s very thin and absorbs easily. 

Verdict: After quite a few uses, I can say that it does hydrate well and made my skin feel a lot softer. It didn’t necessary look any brighter though which would have been nice. I do love the simple packaging and all of the extra added ingredients for skin health. 


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