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Review: GratiAe Exfoliating Salt Scrub (Apple, Green Tea and Ginger)


Previously I’ve reviewed three different GratiAe products, a Lime Salt Scrub , Passion Fruit Body Butter,  and a Moisturizing Cream. The whole brand screams luxury to me, so when I was offered to review another one of their products I immediately said yes before I even knew what it was. As it turned out it’s a Exfoliating Salt Scrub in the scent Apple, Green Tea and Ginger, (all in one product).

It came to me in a plain white box, which is a little nice than the average brown ones, and inside was wrapped in their logo tissue paper. Before even looking at the product I knew it was fancy. Of course though I ended up taking a horrible picture of the container because no matter what angle I used you could see my reflection in the product lid. It’s a round clear container with a round shiny gold lid. 

Opening up the GratiAe exfoliating salt scrub I noticed that I loved the scent. I can’t quite place the ginger but the green tea and apple was there for sure. It isn’t overly girly or young though so I think it’ll work for a few different ages. The salt is a very thin grain much thinner than other exfoliates I’ve seen. 

Verdict: I couldn’t be happier with this Gratiae product. It has a soft feel smells great, and is much better for the environment than the plastic bead kind. I just wish it weren’t quite so expensive. 

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