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Review: LaMuse Hair La Vie


Back when I was first starting my blog I talked about Indian Hair supplements and I liked them quite well. They were easy to use, and I at least thought they were helping out my hair. Unfortunately though I ran out of them quite a ways back so when the people at LaMuse offered to send me their Hair La Vie I immediately said yes, even though I’m not a huge supplement fan. 

The dietary supplements came to me in a pretty blue green box. It has the logo on the front and then a Daily Nutritional Value on the back along with an ingredients list. There is origin information as well.  Inside is a dark blue bottle with a paper label around the middle that is exactly the same color and contains the same information as the box. the top is a twist off white lid that I’m happy to say had a safety seal on it. 

The pills have a clear plastic over top of them, and you can see the light brown (maybe tan) filler inside. When I opened up the jar I was a little surprised that they had a slight scent that reminds me of a vitamin. Exactly like the Sunergentic Dietary Supplement. They weren’t hard to get down and didn’t give off any weird after taste.

Verdict: Personally I don’t like taking supplements, but the LaMuse Hair La Vie is a pretty good one, so I feel a whole lot safer. It has Vitamin A, B1-3 and 6, Folic Acid Biotin and Pantothenic Acid. There is a full ingredients list as well something a lot of other supplements leave out. I’ve been trying it for awhile now, and I can say I’m happy with how much nice my hair and skin look, so I think it’s doing something. 

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