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Review: Red Star Tec iPhone 5 Armband


Previously I’ve tried out MuvUSA iPhone 5 armband  and the iArrow version and both had flaws. I really like the whole idea of having my phone with me when I’m running though so I was still hunting for the perfect iPhone armband. So when Red Star Tec offered to send me their running band for the iPhone 5 of course I said yes.

This iPhone arm band came from Amazon so it had free shipping and came in a normal brown box with that fancy amazon packing tape on it. Inside was the plastic container with the band in it. The outer part is a medium blue. The band itself is black with blue inserts.

Verdict: So far the Red Star Tec iPhone 5 Armband is my favorite. It has a band large enough for me to use comfortable and the fabric feels very nice against my skin, although most of the time it’ll be against the fabric of whatever jacket I’m wearing.  


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