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Review: Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes


I’m not a big makeup wearer. My day to day look doesn’t really consist of any except when I’m trying to look fancy. Then I might add a little bb cream and some mascara to my look. So when the people at Mia Adora offered their 3d Fiber for me to review of course I said yes. 

This lash product comes in a some what interesting package. On the outside is a thick, and smooth rectangular cardboard box is black. The Mia Adora logo partially in pink with a white is on the front and on the other three sides. Pulling the box up the inside is white as far as the cardboard goes and the holder for the 3D Fiber Lashes is a satin like fabric with cushion. I love how in the top of the inside is directions to use them.

First you can start with a thin layer of your normal mascara (I used Revlon Grow Luscious). Then 15-20 strokes of the larger tube which is the magnifying gel. Then while the gel is still wet brush on the natural fibers and let it dry for 20 seconds and then 15-20 more strokes of the the magnifying gel. 

Verdict: Personally I find the 15-20 strokes thing ridicules. So instead I did less than five. And with just that many I’m very impressed. My eyelashes look long and gorgeous and there isn’t any clumping. A great alternative to false eyelashes. 


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