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Review: FlavFusion Infuser Water Bottle


I’ll admit in all my fitness friday stuff I worry about eating healthy and getting enough workout time, but I tend to forget one important thing, hydration. I probably drink half of the recommended water intake. I’m good about not drinking soft drinks though, so that’s a plus. But having a dry mouth all the time isn’t so great. So when the people at FlavFusion offered to send me one of their water bottles to try out of course I wanted to try it out.

It came to me from amazon and there were different colors to pick from and free shipping thanks to prime. Inside the bottle wasn’t in any branded packaging. It’s clear on the outside with a colored lid. In the middle is plastic pouch sort of thing where you can put different flavored fruits. The cap is opened by pushing a button and opening it up. 

Verdict: After dumping it on it’s side and upside down while shaking it I’m satisfied that it isn’t going to leak out. The flavor idea works great, my favorite is lemon. I do have a little issue with the lid though, when my bottle was full of water and ice, it was hard to get on almost impossible to close. Overall though, it’s a great way for me to drink enough water. 

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