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Review: Majestic Bombay Stainless Steel Eye Brow Tweezers


Previously I’ve reviewed two other Majestic Bombay products, their doggy dental tools and ingrown hair tweezers  so when they asked me about reviewing their Stainless Steel Eye Brow Tweezers, I immediately said yes. Both of the previous products I tried out were great and contrary to what you might think not all tweezers are the same. I’ve actually had a few that wouldn’t even pick up hair. 

Alright lets start with the basics. These came from Amazon, and if you see any of my other reviews, you know that to me, that’s a very good thing. I mean free shipping (if you have prime) and easy payment options is something that you can’t beat. These just came in an envelope since I decided on the company shipping it to me instead of the Amazon warehouse and inside was the tweezers, with just a white, clear on one side, holder made of a soft plastic. The tweezers themselves have a pink enamel over them with just the tips showing the stainless steel.

Verdict: I think these tweezers are great. They have a cute design, and I love the pink color but better than that they actually work. Either for long thin hairs or barely pushing past the skin ones, they get the job done. Plus with Majestic Bombay you know they’re going to last. 

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