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Review: Bru Joy Pizza Cutter Wheel


I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I’m a huge fan of pizza. It’s been in a ton of my everyday food posts, and I’ve even talked about it in some of my every day life photos. Awhile back I also talked about making homemade pizza and after telling you all this, you still don’t believe that I really like pizza I don’t think I’ll ever be able to convince you. If you do believe me, then you can understand why I was so excited that Bru Joy wanted me to test out their pizza cutter wheel.

This is another one of those products from Amazon, and it’s something I love. For me it means no worries about any of your information being compromised, no annoying email list that you’re added to (although those emails begging you to give their product a 5* review aren’t great) and no information selling. Since I have amazon prime, free shipping or 5-7 day shipping and book credit is also a major plus.

This pizza cutter came very simply with clear plastic over it and tied down to a cardboard insert that has the Bru Joy name on it, as well as a little bit of product info. It’s in a stainless steel with silicone grips on the side that are comfortable to use. It has a large 4″ blade.

Verdict: Normally I expect pizza cutters to be dull, and make me work at getting my pizza into slices. In the process, sometimes the pizza gets damaged. With the Bru Joy Pizza Cutter Wheel I didn’t have that issue at all. It easily goes through the pizza and the large blade does it fast.

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