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Review: Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel


I know I’m probably not considered old enough to be considered a part of the demographic that uses anti-aging products, and treatments but I don’t care. I’m all about prevention which is why I’m one of those girls that wears sunscreen on the daily, if you’re curious, specifically Coppertone Clearly Sheer. So when this Oz Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel was given to me by the company I was super excited to try it out.

Starting with the packaging of the product itself since I can’t really say anything about shipping. It came in a white box with black lettering in a very easy to read font. On the side there is the Oz Naturals logo but otherwise the box is very clear and clean. The bottle is clear, and has a push down lid in plastic along with a cap.

Verdict: First off let me say any skin product that’s clear or white automatically gets points from me because that means there is no chance of it leaving any type of pigmentation on my skin. This eye gel as some other cool things like how easily it absorbs and the fact that unlike a lot of similar products it didn’t give me an oily residue. Oz Naturals is a great night eye cream, and if you’re needing a little extra moisture in the morning it works great under makeup.


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