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Review: Wiki Wiki Coconut Scented Soy Candle


It’s getting dangerously close to Christmas time, which of course means a lot of fun, food, and cool decorations, but also Christmas presents. Even with the best intentions I always end up pushing it to the last minute when it comes to getting gifts for people, because I never know what to get them. So when the people over at Wiki Wiki offered to send me one of their coconut scented soy candles that’s actually inside of a coconut shell, of course I said yes. I mean it’d make the perfect gift for someone, and would be a great addition to a gift guide I plan on doing. 

The Wiki Wiki company has been around for quite awhile, selling their candles to tourists in Hawaii, and having good business. I mean I know if I had seen them on my Hawaii trip I would have bought them for my mother, and both of my grandmothers. Recently the decided to start selling on Amazon so now you can get them wherever you are. 

The came via USPS in a white padded envelope. When I opened it up, it was a coconut wrapped in plastic, with some product information easily readable underneath the clear plastic. Opening it up the two halves came apart, and instantly I could smell the coconut scent. It smells authentic, and is fairly strong in a pleasant way, and they look real.

Verdict: Upon burning them I was happy to note that they were easy to light and burned evenly. I didn’t have to worry about any trimming or messing with it. And that coconut smell was even better. I think these would make a great gift that’s just fun for any lady in your life. 

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