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Review: Beautonics Derma Roller


As much as I’d like to pretend that I have perfect skin, it isn’t true. Not only do I have pores that are a lot larger than I’d like them to be, and get blackheads as well as the occasional pimple as well as dry skin, but I have a bigger problem… I have a few scars. They aren’t big or deep but when they’re on your face (my main one is from a dog bite when I was three) it doesn’t matter it’s noticeable. So when the people over at Beautonics offered to send me their Derma Roller for review, of course I wanted to try it out. 

Previously I’ve tried out two different derma rollers, one from Dr. A and one from Petunia. So I did know what to do when the Beautonics one arrived. It comes from Amazon, in a white cardboard box with plastic wrap around it. Inside is the derma roller incased in more plastic and inside a hard plastic carrying case. Personally I’m very happy with all the care taken to make sure hygiene is kept up because you need to feel safe when putting these needles in your skin. The roller itself is a pretty yellow color.

To use simply roller over skin in a criss cross pattern up to ten times in one direction. Make sure not to press down too hard. at 100 mm this is the biggest needle set that I’ve used and I thought it was going to hurt. It didn’t just itched a little.

Verdict: I’ve seen a lot of people use these derma rollers the wrong way. They aren’t supposed to make you bleed or really even hurt, which can cause you to get new scars. The biggest thing to remember is be patient because results can take awhile to appear. 


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