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Review: Bon Appetit Christmas Placemat


Christmas is my second favorite holiday of the year, Halloween only beats it out because there is no stress of buying presents and making sure you get everyone exactly what they want, you know the perfect present. I will say though that Christmas is for sure the most fun to decorate for. Not just the tree but all the little touches like snow men and nativity scene, as well as the pillows. So when the people over at Bon Appetite offered to send me their pet placemat to try out of course I said yes. 

Alright since this was just sent to me I can’t say much about the ordering, if it’s hard or not. I can talk about the shipping though. Mine came in a large envelope. The placemat was so light, that I actually thought it was paper until I felt it. I was surprised though when I saw the design. When the said Christmas placemat I thought it was going to be a cartoon theme, but this one is gorgeous. It’s a full place setting. You know one of those fancy kinds.

Verdict: After feeling how light this placemat is I didn’t expect it to hold up well. I put it upstairs for my used cat cricket to have and expected it to last maybe the rest of the day. I was wrong. It’s survived water spills, along with wet food dumped on it, and even a few attempts by my cat to eat it. The best thing about this mat though has to be how pretty it is. 

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