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Brocato Shoot (a.k.a. why I’m no longer Blonde)

Previously I’ve done a little bit of modeling but this gig I just happened on by chance. I was searching around on the internet, for student films, and somehow came across a listing that was looking for models for a hair dye advertisement. On a whim I sent in two photos, a simple selfie and an older modeling shot and got a message back saying the photographer liked my look but there was one condition… I’d have to dye my hair brown. At first I thought no way, but the shoot was scheduled for the weekend before school started, and I wasn’t doing anything else. Plus I’ve never been anything but a blonde so I figured it would be fun.
First I had to go to a fancy salon and make sure my hair was able to be dyed. Thanks to a little help from a hair mask I had passed the initial test and was able to go in on a Sunday and do the dying. There were two other girls there a redhead and a blonde that weren’t getting nearly as extreme of a change as I was. It wasn’t too long before I was in the chair, first they put in colors since I was almost bleach blonde and let that sit for awhile. Then a few goes at the brown dye and five hours later my hair was done. Then on to wardrobe and I was done for the day. 
On Monday I came in bright and early 8 am and quickly went to hair and makeup. I had no idea how long the two of those things could take. So long that we only got in 2 1/2 looks in which I was a little sad about. As you can see though by my selfies things like false bobs and completely changed makeup does take a bit of time. 
The photographer, Josh Flowers, was great to work with, I don’t have any complaints. And his partner, Kaite Butler who did all of the fixing (and putting together the wardrobe) was awesome. I do have to say though that I did have a little trouble with the group shots. It was my first time doing it, and it’s so hard to see what look everyone else is going for. Something I need more practice on for sure. 
The whole shoot lasted about eight hours and by the end I was exhausted, never have I done such a long shoot. Hurrying up to change and then sitting in a chair and being yanked around for quite awhile and then rushing to get ten minutes of photos in was a little stressful, and it got so hot in the studio. That said, the whole thing was a lot of fun. The other girls were great and all the hair and makeup ladies (and one guy) were all so nice. 

Oh yeah, both days they provided a great lunch. 


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