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Review: Apple MFi Certified Skiva Lightening Charging Cable



When I reviewed that SkyRox iPhone case , I mentioned that I’d recently switched from the old iPhone 4 to the brand new iPhone 6 which is all pretty cool, except for the fact that they only give you one charger when you buy it. Luckily though by chance I received these Skiva Lightening Charger Cables to review. I thought I was just getting the one on the right which is a USB type and I was going to give it to my mother for her car, but it also came with one of the amp charges which works with my car. 

Alright so these are both amazon products. You order on the amazon site, but your payment info on through there and then pick your shipping, of which there are quite a few choices. Then just wait for it to come to you, since it’s shipped through amazon fulfillment you can be on the lookout for a brown box with the signature amazon packing tape. Inside wrapped up nicely were these two chargers the traditional car charger in a cardboard box with a clear plastic insert and the usb charger in a durable clear plastic bag. 

Verdict: Having a charger specifically for the car is a very nice thing, and honestly I wish I had done it sooner. Now I don’t have to worry about the fact that I didn’t charge my phone when I went to bed (happens all the time) and can just plug it in on my drive to my school/internship. The chargers have held up well, and are fast at getting to full battery. 


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