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Review: Majestic Bombay Precision Eyelash Curler


As much as I’d like to think of myself as a girly girl type, I’m just not. Most of the time I don’t wear makeup, not to school, not to my internship and for sure not to hang out with my friends. Sometimes though there is a necessity to have some on (when you want to look good for a date), which is usually when I put on some hydroxatone bb cream and Great Lash Mascara. So when the people over at Majestic Bombay offered to send me their Precision eyelash curler for review, I didn’t think I needed it for my routine but I figured I’d try it out anyways. 

Just like those other Majestic Bombay products I was lucky enough to try out, (see the ingrown hair tweezers, eyebrow tweezers, and blackhead extractor) this comes from Amazon. This time around I’ll save you the details about how that’s such a great thing. But it did come in this gorgeous pink box with black and light orange inserts. I like the contrast of the white font to the black and hot pink eyelash curler. 

Verdict: This is one nice eyelash curler. First off it’s great to look at, and a bit more edgy and less cold looking then other brands. I love the Majestic Bombay packaging and that it comes with two extra pads, although I’ve been using it for quite awhile and have yet to wear through one. It has a nice feel around my eye and is gentle enough it won’t damage lashes. 

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