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Review: Precision Grooming Set (Tweezers + Nail Scissor)


Christmas is almost here, which of course means that all of that last minute shopping needs to get done. I’m one of those people that does it up until the very last second so I was happy to have a gift idea sent to me to try out. The Precision Grooming Set. It’s perfect for either a man or woman, is well priced, and a needed gift not just junk that’s going to be sitting around. 

Alright so like a lot of things that I review in the beauty category this is an amazon product. It’s nice because the company gave me a coupon code to get the product for free so I can tell you exactly how it went. Selecting my product and payment were through Amazon but the shipping choices were through Precision. They emailed me when my packaged shipped, and when it arrived it was in a padded envelope with bubble wrap. 

So here’s what it is. A thick leather casing with the precision name across the front. Each piece has it’s own “spot” and the flap fits it securely. There are four different tools included. A tweezer set, and a pair of nail scissors which is the only thing I cut my nails with. When I saw that they were Majestic Bombay who’s ingrown hair tweezer, eyebrow tweezers, and blackhead remover  I love, I knew this set would be good. 

Verdict: The set is not only good looking, and unisex making it great to have on hand as that “extra” gift, it’s also cheap enough to use as a stocking stuffer. All of the pieces inside work well and are durable, making this one of those good “useful” gifts to give. 

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