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Review: Smart Weigh Body Fat Scale


As you might have realized by some of my earlier posts I’m starting to get back into the whole fitness thing, even if I haven’t done a fitness friday post in quite awhile. For what I’m wanting to do with myself which I hinted at earlier I really need to get in shape. So when the people over at Smart Weight offered me their body fat scale to review of course I said yes. 

Like most of the tech products I’ve been reviewing lately this Smart Weight Body Fat Scale is from Amazon, and as you probably already know I think that’s a great thing. It means easy payments and shipping (free if you have prime), as well as a no hassle return policy if you do have issues. It comes in a yellow box with the product picture on the front as well as the company name. The scale itself is a two tone, grey and black in tempered glass. 

Verdict: I have to say I’m quite impressed with the Smart Weigh Body Fat scale. You can have up to eight use profiles, and the scale automatically recognizes who you are. It not only measures your weight but your BMI body fat muscle mass and water. For me this is great because I’m looking more to gain muscle than loose pounds. 


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