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App Review: Sims Free Play


As you might know I used to be “addicted” to Clash of Clans after finally convincing myself to stop playing that game, I some how ended up with the Sims Free Play on my phone. By some how I mean that I downloaded it because I love the sims computer game and like the Suburbia (sims knockoff) Facebook game. So I figured I could tell you a little about it. 

The sims free play is a lot like Sims City. You start out with one person living in their house and then can add more houses (each one starts with one person) as your level increases, provided you have the money to do it. To get people to move in together you have to make them in a dating sort of relationship, which to me is a little annoying. You build buildings where the people work and send them off. There are quests to get new things and activities to do. 

Verdict: At first I couldn’t put this app down, however that’s now changed. The challenges take a long time, have super random takes and the whole game is just kind of overwhelming. So I deleted it. 


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