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What to Wear for Fall Weather

Shirt Jeans / Hat / Coat / Boots 

As the cold weather starts to move in, as much as I hate to do it (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) it’s time to put away all the summer clothes, and move on clothing more suited for the fall and winter months. In honor of this transition, I figured I could share with you guys my go to look for fall. It’s a casual outfit perfect for hanging out with friends or going to school that’ll be warm enough to get you to winter. 

  • Lettered Shirt – Lately I’ve been loving pieces of clothing that have words on them. In this outfit it turns a comfy nondescript black t-shirt into something that has a little personality and is fun. 
  • Jeans – Normally I go for the distressed jeans, but for a look that’s more versatile, I decided on a medium wash medium rise pair of skin jeans. Seems a little boring but they look good on almost any figure and can be a part of so many looks. 
  • Hat – Beanies are the perfect way to make a look more laid back. Plus on a bad hair day they’re a necessity. For this fall outfit I went with a color that was really big last year, and is sure to be trending again this year, oxblood. 
  • Jacket – To go with the trendy color, I decided to add in a classic pattern, houndstooth to a sophisticated cut to balance out the jeans and t-shirt’s causal feel.
  • Boots – I know I know, UGGs. But look at them, they’re gorgeous. The bailey button style isn’t nearly as rigid as they’re earlier designs, and it’s in the same trendy oxblood color that the hat is. 

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