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Review: One Direction UV Glitter Toppings

I already talked about the One Direction Nail Polish Set, and really they would have been cool enough to get on their own, but actually they came with a glitter set. At first I was a little confused by them and figured I wouldn’t even use them, but curiosity got the best of me, and I tried them out. They turned out a lot better than I expected, and actually seem to make my manicures last longer. So I guess you could say these 1D sparkles are real winners, once you figure out how to apply them properly that is. 
Starting with the packaging I’m a huge fan. They have a clear outside so you can easily see the colors inside and over them had a plastic film wrap. When I first saw that, I was worried that it meant they didn’t have a lid, but they actually have a very nice plastic one that snaps in place. The One Direction name is on an easy to read font on the front, and my only complaint is that they don’t have the colors on them once you take the plastic wrapping off. 

 Kicks – This is what the company describes as a “snow cone blue” and honestly it’s gorgeous. It has greens and blues as well as a few purples, and is very noticeable even with just a bit of glitter. I’m impressed with how well it lasts too. Five days and it’s still going strong.


Not Afraid – This is a “electrified pink glitter” as the company describes it and honestly it’s perfect for over a color like Pink Plastic Flamingo . It has pinks (of course) in it as well as some greens and purples. It isn’t one of the more vibrant glitters, and I’d call it an accent more than anything else, but that isn’t a bad thing. 


Star- Since I just sort of dusted my nails in the other two glitter nail toppings, I figured I could go all out with this one. I first put on a coat of One Direction nail lacquer and then put my whole finger in the glitter pot. I was immediately shocked at how much glitter payoff I had, and that the glitter isn’t really white like I expected it to be, but more pink and purple. 


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