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Review: Angry Orange Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

I have pets. Three of them if you don’t include the fish that are specifically for my cat’s entertainment.  Of course I love them all and treat them a little more like people then maybe I should (see my Christmas Cat Toy DIY), but they really are family! One thing that I’m not at all a fan of is the messes they make, so when the people over at Angry Orange offered to send me their Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator to try out, I immediately said yes. 

Since this was a product that was sent to me direct from the company I can’t say anything about how the payment works, or the shipping. What I do know though was that it was securely packaged. The bottle is a dark brown plastic with a white twist off lid. The label around the middle is white with black font and very informative. 

Verdict: Angry Orange Pet Odor and Eliminator comes in an 8 oz concentrate that expands to 4 32 oz sprays. For me this is awesome, because that means it’s ecofriendly shipping wise. Plus being biodegradable and all natural. It smells good and really does cut odor. 


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