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Outfit: Thanksgiving Wear 2014


For Thanksgiving this year I was only able to attend one of my family’s celebrations, the one on my mother’s side, because although my parents were able to attend both, for my father’s family I had a prior arrangement. I decided though I could share what I wore, which was an outfit to lower my stress, because trust me when I say these family gatherings are eventful. Ignore the bad hair. 


 Sweater & Tank – The sweater is an older piece I’ve had for awhile, and to be honest it’s a little weird. I mean it looks cute on but getting it all done up right is a bit of trouble. To go with it I wore a cream undershirt. Even though it is sleeveless it’s pretty warm. 

Jeans – These jeans are comfy and cute (although a little saggy) and after five years have met their end. Shortly after arriving home they got a huge rip in the butt, and unfortunately I don’t thin it’s repairable. 

Boots – I always forget how amazing boots are until winter comes around, especially pairs like this that are long. They just keep your feet so cozy. The light brown color is a nice match to the cream sweater and tank. 

Scarf – If you look closely you’d see this scarf actually has a deer pattern which is perfect for the upcoming season (although I don’t hunt) but even without that I would have worn it. The light brown, dark brown and cream colors in it make it go perfect with the rest of the things I’m wearing and it’s so long I can tie it any way I like. 


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