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Review: True Skin Care Under Eye Gel


I’ve been emailed more than a few times with questions on why I review anti-aging products since I look so young. Really that’s a funny question and kind of like asking a thin girl why she’s on a diet. It’s because it’s all about prevention. So when the people over at True Skin Care offered to send me their anti-aging eye gel with vitamin c to try out, of course I said yes. 

Inside the Amazon shipping box (since this is another amazon product) is this bottle. It has clear middle and a silver base and cap. Under the cap is a push down lid. It’s actually the same design as the Forlan Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Bonapiel Vitamin C Serum but that isn’t at all a bad thing, I actually like the design. Across the middle is the clear label. 

Verdict: This gel is clear, which I like and goes on well. It feels cool and absorbs well, actually better than I expected since it was heavier than most under eye creams. It makes my skin look refreshed, and I love the added vitamin c. 


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