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Review: Onite 5V 3.0A Wall Charger for smartphone and tablet PC


As you probably know, thanks to my iPhone charger review, and when I did the iPhone 6 case review I’m an iPhone user and totally loyal. However a few of my friends do have android phones and when they’re staying over at my house it’s nice to have a charger that they can use, since it seems like it’s the most forgot item. So when Onite offered to send me their wall charger for smartphones and tablet PCs I thought it was perfect.

Aright so this is an amazon product, which seems to be a theme around this blog. You order it from them and it’s shipped via an Amazon warehouse. Inside that amazon box this charger was a little different. It had a Onite cardboard box, and inside that a thinner white cardboard box that that has the charger in it. A little weird but it’s safe and secure. 

Verdict: I like this charger as a great backup. It’s portable and can be put in a small area. Even after being dropped a few times it’s held up well, and charges phones pretty fast. 


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