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What to Wear for Freezing Weather

Jeans / Coat / Shirt / Hat / Boots

For a few days we had fairly warm weather. I mean it wasn’t awesome, but good enough that I could wear a skirt (with tights!) and not die due to coldness. Now it seems that weather is past us. Yesterday there was freezing rain and then this morning snow so, I decided I would put together a cozy and comfortable, but most importantly WARM outfit to wear in cold weather. This look is inspired by an OOTD of mine that I remade into a more elegant look, that’s a little more cozy too. 
  • Jeans – I think the staple to any outfit, not including formal ones of course, is a nice pair of medium wash skinny jeans. Of course you have to also love the fact that they are lightly distressed. 
  • Coat – As soon as I saw this coat, I was in love. The deep red color is gorgeous and the simple swing cut is not only flattering but high end looking. The asian inspired high neckline is a nice addition style wise, and to keep the wearer warm
  • Shirt – Flannel shirts, especially plaid patterned ones, are the best in the winter. Fitted ones are actually pretty flattering, and of course they’re all comfortable. I think it keeps the look from being too “polished”
  • Hat – Ever since doing an outfit post on how to wear beanies I’ve been loving them. They’re perfect for adding an element of cool to your look. Or if you’re like me and have blonde roots that you need to hid. 
  • Boots – These boots are so cute. Originally I did a guide to wearing the pink pair  and I found out I wasn’t the only one who loved the shoes so I added UGG Australia’s newer version which is taller and in brown to this look to make it a tad more girly. 

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