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Review Living Colors Light Colorful Mood Rechargeable LED Light


I know that it’s a little weird, but I’m afraid of the dark. It’s kind of funny because as a little kind I wasn’t at all, so I’m not sure where the fear came from. However, I do sleep with a light on almost every night, the only time that I don’t is if I go to bed before someone else does. So when the people over at GreayBean offered to send me their Living Colors Light Mood Rechargeable LED light I immediately said yes. 

This is one of those packages that sort of just arrived at my house so I can’t say anything about shipping time or how payments work or anything else like that. When it came it was in a brown box, and inside of that was the Living Colors box. It has a product picture, and a picture of it in use on the front with the company logo at the top and the other sides offer more information. Along with the light itself is a USB cord and a wall mount charger that it attaches to.

Verdict: To use it you charge this Living Colors Mood Light for three hours which will give you five hours of light. However mine came all charged up so I didn’t have to worry about that. The colors change from one to the next, and although it puts out quite a bit of light it’s less than the small lamp that I normally leave on, which is great for me. To change the color simply run your finger along the strip of color leaving it on the one you want. All of them are vibrant and quite nice looking. I don’t have any complaints about this Living Colors Light and actually I think it’s quite perfect. Good replacement for that lamp I was given for my birthday. 


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