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Review: Adeline Anti-Aging Moisturizer


I’m actually very into skin care, which you might have guessed by how many I use with my current routine. So whenever I have the chance to try out a new product I always go for it. Which was why I agreed to review the Adeline anti-aging moisturizer. Well that and the other two Adeline products I reviewed (a hyaluronic acid and an organic eye serum)  were great. 

Alright so this is an amazon product. I talk about how great that is with almost every product that comes this way so I’ll save you from reading about it this time. Inside the signature amazon shipping box was the Adeline bottle. It has a silver base and lid. The bottle is clear and so is the wrapper with the Aeline logo and black font that offers some information. The dispenser is a push down which is nice. 

Verdict: Before testing out this lotion, I didn’t know what Matrixyl was. As it turns out its a peptide that stimulates the production of collagen which is necessary for reducing wrinkles. Plus it absorbs well and moisturizes my skin. 


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