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Review: Nikkouware Shower Curtain Rings


I’m a huge fan of home improvement, so whenever I get the chance to try out something that’s made for the home it’s great. I think it’s a start to becoming a housewife, my dream job after having to work in the real world for the first time recently. Plus my parents love getting new stuff. So when the people over at Nikkouware offered to send me their polished chrome nickel plated finish shower curtain rings I thought it’d be perfect to go with the Smarty Pants Shower curtain that I reviewed awhile back. 

Alright so these do come from Amazon. Normally I think of Amazon as the place for beauty and technology products, but looking around you can get a few pretty cool “for the home” things. It comes in the normal shopping box and inside has this reusable plastic container with twelve shower curtain rings inside. 

Verdict: These Nikkouware shower curtain rings are great. They come in a twelve set which is plenty for even a larger shower curtain. The closure is very sturdy. Of course though I love the shiny beads that give it a modern feel. 

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