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Review: Mozaico Mosaic Art


Art is one of those things I love. I mean if you look at my visit to the art museum, modern art is a little hard for me to grasp but I have fun with it. What I really like though are the sculptures and more traditional paintings. So of course when the people at Mozaico offered to send me a sample of their mosaic art of course I said yes. 

Alright so you go to their site Mozaico. As soon as I started looking around their site, I was in love. There are so many different gorgeous pieces. Some are artwork, others simple patterns, and the sizes go from small, like the one that I got, to large enough to be a center piece on the floor. Size is customizable too. Once you do all the ordering your piece actually comes via DHL from Beirut where each piece is crafted. 

Getting it in my house I can say that this Mozaico Mosaic Art is packaged amazingly well. I think it’s be sound if I dropped it from the second floor of my house. Underneath the thick cardboard box it’s triple wrapped in bubble wrap and then has a thin plastic wrap around that. The colors are vibrant and it looks exactly like the picture on the website. Plus it comes with a backer already on it so installation is super easy. 

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