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A Visit to Columbus Animal Shelter


 This afternoon I went with the other intern to visit the local animal shelter since it is on the air park. Of course since I love animals and have a used cat myself  I was very excited. It was easy to get there, they’re right off Arnold St and easy to spot with their unique building. Actually I was impressed enough with the building that as soon as I got out of the car I took a picture of the artwork on the side. It’s colorful and as all different kinds of cartoon animals drawn on it. 


When we went in there were three women (girls) about my age, and we told them where we were from and asked for a tour. They immediately said yes and one of these showed us around. First we looked at the Kitty Playroom, which I shared on Instagram, then we went to see the “sick” cats (they have what would be a cold in humans) and then to the dogs. There were three areas, dogs up for adoption, strays waiting until they’re either claimed or put up for adoption and puppies. They we saw the toy and supplies room before heading back to the cat room. We then went into the Kitty Playroom which had colorful climbing posts everywhere as well as a carpet tower, and lots of cat toys. I sat in one of the chairs and tried to make friends. One cat in particular, Tinkerbell a white and cream color was my favorite. She reminds me of my cat at home and is just as sweet. She was more than happy to hang out with me although she did swat at another cat who wanted some attention. 


 After playing with the cats for awhile I figured I would test my luck and see if we could play with a dog. All of the girls must have liked this puppy they had because they immediately said to take him for a walk. He was very excited to go too. On the way to get him though I took pictures of a few of the cute dogs, and noticed the beds that they have. At my local animal shelter they use old pillows and blankets that are removed after the animal leaves. In the Columbus Animal Shelter though they have these PVC pipe and vinyl beds that are reusable, although looking from the site where you can buy to donate them, they’re quite expensive. 


Anyways, we took the puppy on a walk and he was absolutely adorable.  We took a toy out with him, so he could carry it. Every few feet he had to rush back (he was on a leash) and make sure that we were still with him, of course jumping on his once he realized we were. Even cuter whenever he accidentally dropped the toy he gave him and every time got upset enough to cry. However I already had my favorite picked out. Bruce a very cute three year old pit bull.


We took him to a fenced in area in the back bringing out a few toys and tried to play with him. He walked around for a bit, exploring, but wouldn’t play. He’s just too mellow, so instead we took a few selfies. I learned that he has an owner that dumped him, came back and got him and then left him again. He’a super sweet and gets along with both dogs and cats, so I think anyone can see why I want him. Plus those little teeth showing through are too cute. 


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