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Review: Towel Lab Sports Travel Towel


As I try and get in better shape one thing that I’ve noticed is that I love doing outdoor activities, specifically camping. Especially the backpacking kind after a very stressful week at school. One thing that I’ve learned with camping is that less really is more so when the people over at TowelLab offered to send me their sports travel towel I thought it’d be perfect so of course I said yes. 

Alright so you get this off of amazon which if you ask me is perfect. Even if you still can’t use paypal with amazon, payments are easy ordering in general is actually easy and there are a ton of shipping options which are free if you have amazon prime. Inside the regular shipping box, this Microfiber towel is packaged in soft plastic.  It has a zippered mesh carrying case and inside a very soft blue towel. Much softer than the previous travel towel I tried out. 

Verdict: I love this TowelLab microfiber sports travel. It absorbs really well and takes a large amount of water quickly. The mesh carrying bag that comes with it sturdy and nice to have. The towel is light and dries quickly. 

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