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Review: J J Ferre Shine Whitening


Of course I want white teeth. But after years of drinking highly colored drinks that just isn’t the case. I mean I brush them all the time, but that whitening tooth paste I tried out didn’t help long term. Oh and those Crest 3D white strips are TERRIBLE, they wouldn’t stay on my teeth and tasted terrible. I did find a solution though Brilliant Smile but as a lot of you guys said, it’s expensive to do, and I agree so I figured I could try out the J J Ferre Shine Whitening and tell you guys if it’s a cheaper alternative.

First of all this is a teeth whitening product that comes from amazon like Brilliant HD that I tried out. So you get to order on pick out how you want it shipped, since it is shipping from the Amazon warehouse, and then easy to pay. Quickly, how quickly depends on which shipping you picked, it arrives at your door in the standard amazon box. Inside is a teeth tray set (with a container to store them), two syringes of whitening product, as well as a cap to distribute it with. 

Verdict: I have to say that I love this whitening product. Although I have small teeth and the trays don’t fit quite right, I think they’d be perfect for most people though size wise. Getting them in and out is super easy as was applying the whitening gel, and the results are great. 

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