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Review: Skinology Vitamin C 20% Serum

In my time as a “beauty blogger” I’ve had the chance to review a lot of awesome serums, and learn a whole lot about skin, particularly my skin. If you’ve seen all the beauty product I use I think you’d agree that I’m implementing that very well. So even though I’ve reviewed quite a few different vitamin c serums when the people over at Skinology offered to send me their 20% Vitamin C serum to review, of course I said yes. I’m always interested in trying to find the best product for me.
Just like the vast majority of beauty products I review, this Skinology Vitamin C serum comes from amazon. I think it’s great because it means I don’t have to worry about my payment or shipping info being sold or stolen and if I have a product issue there’s 30 day returns. In that trademark amazon shipping box this serum is nicely wrapped in bubble wrap for protection during shipment. It has a dark brown glass bottle, not uncommon among vitamin c serums since it keeps the sunlight from degrading the product, and a blu label that’s a little ombre with white and black font. The dispenser is a dropper that comes with it. 
Verdict: Not only is this Skinology beauty facial serum a vitamin c product, but it also has hyaluronic acid, amino complex, vitamin e and ferulic acid all of which I like. I use it after washing my face with   Derma MD Wasabi Cleanser and not only does it hydrate my skin but it brightens it too. 

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