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Hot Winter Work Wear

Sweater / Skirt / Shoes (similar) / Nail Polish / Lipgloss

During the winter I tend to lean toward comfort as opposed to actually looking good. The other day when I looked in the mirror, it was kind of a reality check that all those big sweaters, and comfy pants, don’t look all that good. So I decided to put together a hot, and modest, winter outfit for work. I don’t think I’d really call it “sexy” more like a cute look for professional women in their 20’s and 30’s with a black and red color scheme. You can also check out my Hot Office Wear guide, for summer inspiration. 

  • Skirt – Pencil skirts are my go to for looking professional, and a quick cheat for making it seem like I have a little bit of curves going on while still being completely covered (also black dress for curves). A big bonus is a slit in the back. 
  • Sweater – Ombre might not be as big as it once was, but when done subtly I think it’s just as pleasing. Plus with a change of texture thanks to the fuzzy feel of this sweater it keeps the look from being another boring black outfit. I went with a cropped sweater (*make sure skirt is high enough not to show midriff) to do away with the annoying tucking in of tanks, and the ugly budge it gives. 
  • Shoes – Mary Jane pumps are a great compromise between wanting to look tall and professional without looking too harsh, as well as adding a little bit of sophistication. Another part of not looking too harsh is a suede instead of leather shoe.
  • Beauty – To give this look a little pop, and not make it the stereotypical black and white winter wear I added bright red lip stick and nail polish. Personally I go with warm colors, to give off a warmer feel. 

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