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Review: CanYouHandlebar Beard Brush and Mustache Wax Set


 I have to say that I’ve had a little trouble growing my own facial hair, something at least half of the population can relate to. However I have a good friend who doesn’t have that issue at all so I use him to test out all the cool man things that I am given. When I showed him the Can You Handle Bar Set he was immediately interested because for one the name is awesome, and second I don’t think bearded men can ever get enough styling products, because in my experience they’re a lot more high maintenance then a lot of women. But back to the Can You HandleBar Set.

Alright so everything comes in these very coon shiny metal tins. To open them up just pull apart the top and bottom. On the front there is a black label with white lettering that clearly states what the product is for which I think is quite nice. Opening them you can see one is a beard brush for applying oils and the other two are mustache waxes in yellow. 


Verdict: Normally I personally wouldn’t be one to be using anything on my hair that’s yellow because of color dropping but facial hair is a little different. Plus wax is supposed to be a gold color. According to my friend both the first and secondary mustache wax are very easy to apply and the brush makes applying beard oils like the Smooth Viking Beard Oil a whole lot easier. And I think his beard and mustache look a whole lot better, no worries about sporadic hairs going everywhere. 

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