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Review: Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale


Personally I’m not the best at staying with a diet. As hard as I try I just can’t help myself when it comes to vending machines and fast food. One way that I have had that helps keep me on track is the normal shaming. You know what I mean weighing myself daily which reminds me of my progress and fails. The thing is, my current scale isn’t much to look at which can be a little embarrassing when people come over and question it. Something that’s going to become even more obvious with with my upcoming bathroom remodel. 

So when the people over at Ozeri (who’s glasses, a pan and pepper mill I reviewed) offered to send me their fancy precision digital bathroom scale, of course I said yes. It comes via amazon, which in case you didn’t know is an awesome way to get products. Easy payments, shipping and returns if you have to do that. Inside the normal boring shipping box this weight scale has it’s own white box. On the front is a product picture and across it is some different information. 

Verdict: I’m a huge fan of this new bathroom scale that Ozeri was nice enough to send to me. It is very stylish and modern. Personally I love it’s minimalist design and the output is super easy to read as is using it. It’s handled a drop to so I think it’s pretty durable. 

You can get your own scale from Ozeri HERE

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