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Review: Quality Source Products Landscaping Laser Light


I’m someone that’s always loved Christmas lights, and really any holiday lights. Not just the ones that are thrown up on the house but all the decorative lights on trees and in yards, well basically everywhere. However my family isn’t a big fan of having all those lights because they take a ton of time to put up and can be dangerous. So when I heard about this Landscaping Laser light from Quality Source Products I was super excited, and when they offered to send me one free to review, of course I said yes. 

Alright so here’s how it works. You order via amazon and it’s actually shipped by the amazon warehouse. This means if you have prime free shipping and otherwise cheap shipping. Oh and if you have any issues there’s a 30 day return policy. When it arrived it had it’s own box in the amazon shipping brown box. The outside is black and has a product picture on it and a little information about the product. Opening it up there’s a tiny instruction manual a shaft for putting it in the ground and the light itself with a plug in.

Verdict: To tell the truth I thought this was going to be a big version of that Living Colors Night Light I have. But what I got wasn’t that at all. I assembled it (very easy) plugged it into the outlet and nothing. I mean not a thing. I tried reading the instructions and they were literally crap that offered “have professional installation” and that’s it. Eventually by messing with it, I got it to turn on. The light is super bright but without a remote it has to be plugged in for use. It’s cool to use but for the price I would have expected more features. 


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