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Sprouting Beets with Organics Unlimited


Since becoming a vegan (and really even when I was a vegetarian) I’ve had to carefully watch what I eat to make sure I’m not eating animal products and for nutrition. Of course when you eat out this can be a little hard and unfortunately I can’t always get my mother to cook vegan options for me, so I’ve learned a lot about cooking. And I think I’ve gotten quite good at it (see my vegan soup).

One of the ways I make my vegan food taste better is by getting a whole lot of what I make from my backyard garden, but during the winter I’m not getting anything that way. So for salads and Mexican food I’ve begun using sprouts which are actually a lot of fun to make. First you start out with a bunch of sprout seeds. These beet seeds were given to me by the wonderful people over at Organics Unlimited who have ton of different seed varieties so you can experiment with a whole bunch.

Other than the seeds themselves the only other thing you’re going to need is a jar with a mesh lid. Put in the seeds fill up the container so that they’re completely covered in water and then repeat rinsing out the old water daily. In a week you should have full sized sprouts to add to whatever meal you want. 


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