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What to Wear for a Modeling Meet & Greet

Shirt / Jeans / Shoes / Coat (similar)

Since talking about dying my hair for a modeling job I’ve gotten a lot of questions about modeling as a part time job. One of the most asked questions is what to wear, and while there isn’t a “model uniform”  when you go in for a Meet & Greet with a brand black and slimming really is the rule. Of course though you want to show your personality and some uniqueness or else you aren’t likely to get the job because you won’t be remembered. So I put together a basic model meet and greet outfit with a little edge. 

  • Jeans – Of course black is the color to go for a modeling gig because it makes it clear that you’re the model. I always go with a skinny leg, high waisted pair since I am on the shorter side, to boost my height. 
  • Crop Top – Since you are a model (or at least wanting to be one) you’re going to want to show a little skin, and since I’m not much of a cleavage girl I always go with a little midriff. Thanks to the high waisted jeans you won’t be showing much. 
  • Spiked Shoes – As a more petite girl, the higher the heels, the better. The problem starts when you actually have to walk around in the shoes, so for winter I always go with a nice pair of lace up booties, because they’re so much easier to balance in. The spikes are a fun personality piece. (see my scripture tattoo outfit to see them in action)
  • Winter Coat – Since this is more of a winter model look (actually very similar to a look I’m wearing this weekend!) of course there’s a winter coat. Since the rest of the outfit is black I went with the brightest color I could find. To keep with the slimming look I made sure it was also long, past the butt, and not traditionally cut. 

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