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What to Wear to Your Boyfriend’s Office

Shirt / Skirt / Bag / Shoes

I’m all about doing outfits for different occasions especially date outfits, from casual ones to fancy dates  but recently I realized I realized I didn’t have an outfit plan for something that I know a lot of us have to do at some point, impressing our man’s co-workers. For my look I wanted a bombshell sort of outfit, that’s still fairly modest so it doesn’t look like you are a paid companion. For me the scale goes, the nerdier the guy the hotter to look and of course keeping the cost of your outfit (even if you buy your own clothes) in line with what would be affordable for his salary. 

  • Skirt – As soon as I saw this skirt I knew it’d be perfect for this look. It’s not too tight and curve hugging making it more of a “cute” than “sexy”. Plus I love the high waist (makes the legs look longer) and the leopard print is fun.
  • Shirt – Because the skirt is high waisted, I liked a crop top so that this isn’t any hassle with tucking it in. Because of the animal print and short length I decided a high neckline long sleeve knit goes perfectly. 
  • Shoes – As long as you aren’t going to be having to walk long distances the higher the heel the better as far as I’m concerned. I love that this pair is not only a high platform (easier to balance in) but that they also have some sparkle giving them a little personality. 
  • Bag – I absolutely love Chanel’s quilted bags but if that doesn’t fit in your man’s salary then there are some other totally cute options (like Kate Spade’s quilted bag!). One thing though is for sure don’t go with a knock off. 


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