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Outfit: Korean Style Coat & Crop Top

 Coat / Jeans / Shoes / Top c/o Perfect Threads 

Let me start by saying things have been crazy around here lately, mostly thanks to the start of school. I feel like the only thing I can do is work math or engineering (still math) problems, or read a textbook. So I figured I could show you guys the laid back warmer winter outfit that I wore today, since we’re finally having nice days, although I doubt it’ll last. Oh yeah, and sorry for the crappy picture quality, part of the problem was the evening light (I’m in class all day) and partially because I interested a man to take my photos which also should explain the weird unflattering angles. I tried to fix them with some editing software, and if you scroll to the last picture you’ll see it’s quite an improvement. 


Crop Top – I’ve done a guide on wearing both a bustier and a how to on wearing a crop top  and from those I’ve learned that a few of you think they’re not “modest enough” but for me it’s all about how you wear it. Under mine I have a thick tank top and barely show any midriff along with no cleavage. 

Jacket – Another balancing factor is this Korean style coat, that covers pretty much everything the crop top would show. It’s long, and has mid length sleeves making it warm enough to wear outdoors but still comfortable enough to wear inside. Plus the rose buttons are adorable. 

Shoes – Of course with a sweet fringe top, and an a feminine asian inspired coat I need to add a little bit of toughness with these combat boots. They’re a matte black lace up with a zipper in the back, and surprisingly comfortable to wear. 

Jeans – These are my most distressed jeans. I bought them with holes but over time they’ve gotten bigger, and I always debate if it’s time for them to go. However with how well they fit I have a hard time saying goodbye. Plus I love the urban vibe they give my outfits. 



  1. Cute look! I love how you recruited some random guy to take your pictures. 🙂 I can totally relate to your school situation, only I have been putting off all the work that I need to do for school so now I am getting ready to dive head first into all that work…starting tomorrow, hehe.



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