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How to Look Edgy in a Cardigan

Tank / Jeans / Cardigan / Shoes  

It’s always a big joke that cardigans are low fashion, that men hate them, and they’re stuck up. Although I would argue that (probably because it’s part of my go to school look) assumption isn’t true, I decided I could put together a cardigan look that I knew would make those assumptions false. It’s trendy, laid back, and although I can’t speak from a guy’s perspective, I think it’s a hot school look. It’s versatile too because in addition to wearing it to class, it’d be the perfect outfit for a casual first date, and even as a “model off duty” look.

  • Tank – First of all the not quite a crop top, but not really long enough to cover your midriff top. The black color is slimming, and since it’s meant to be worn under something bulky I went with a form fitting one. 
  • Jeans – I know I mentioned in my latest outfit post that you should wear destroyed jeans all the time, but for a look that would otherwise be too polished they’re perfect. And of course I had to go with a skinny leg, although a boyfriend cut wouldn’t look bad either.
  • Cardigan – The whole look is based around this aztec print cardigan for a reason, it looks amazing. I love the high low cut, and full sleeves. It’ll work with any woman’s body and with the trendy print it’s fun, not drab like your average cardigan. 
  • Shoes – A big part of what I think makes this look “hot” is these booties. They have a high slim heel and exposed zippers that make the look sophisticated and edgy. And who doesn’t love a nice pleather?


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