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What to Get Your College Girl for Valentines Day

Sweater / Scarf / Earrings / Rain boots / Lip Liners / Tennis Shoes / Storage Container / Bag
A 2015 Valentines Day Wish List

Since we’re almost done with January I think I can start sharing my excitement about Valentines Day. It isn’t just giving and receiving awesome presents, but the whole atmosphere is so loving, and of course as a female I love all the pink that’s around. So I decided I could make a blog post of gift ideas for a college age girl, since being that and having friends that are also in college and female I’d like to think this is an expert guide. Putting it together I made sure it didn’t have any of your stereotypical things like flowers, chocolate or stuffed animals, but yet wasn’t so grown up to include pricey designer items, and jewelry. And to give it a fun them I picked out only items in a fun hot pick color. 

  • Sweater – I already have a purple ombre sweater  and absolutely love it, since it goes with just about anything I want to wear so of course I want another. This pink one is super fuzzy and looks like it’d be quite warm. Plus with the white near the face it isn’t over powering. 
  • Scarf – Ever since getting my first fashion scarf I can’t get enough. A simple outfit of yoga pants and a tank top can look almost classy with the right scarf. And don’t even get me started on the top knot / messy bun look with a scarf. Plus it’s a nice winter gift. 
  • Earrings – As a college student I really don’t care that much about “real” jewelry (unless it’s Tiffany’s of course) so there isn’t a reason to spend a bunch of money on a gold or even silver piece. Instead something like these pink heart shaped earnings are a great present that will make your girlfriend think of you when she wears them.
  • Rain boots – Now that I’m a college student at a big campus I’ve really fallen in love with rain boots. There are few things less comfortable than wet feet. Even if your lady already has a pair get her another, because I know I can never have enough. 
  • Lip Liner – Getting a girl makeup is one of those tricky things. Are you telling her she needs to wear more of it if you do? She probably won’t think that at all (and that better not be why you’re getting it) and since kisses are a common Valentines day theme lip liners are perfect. And if you’re a parent or friend buying a Valentines day present for a girl, makeup is always a yes. 
  • Tennis Shoes – As someone who enjoys working out I’m always wanting another pair of sneakers. Even college girls that don’t exercise wear them, because rushing up and down stairs in heels is no way to get to class. 
  • Organization Box – With all the school papers and things that I have lying around this storage box should probably be at the top of my list. Plus it’s pink and as you might know I love channeling my inner Paris Hilton. 
  • Bag – Last is a little bit of a splurge, a gorgeous hot pink Michael Kors bag. If you’re looking for a wow present for under $300 this bag will get you there for any girl. She’s be showing it to all her friends and family and anyone else who’ll listen. 


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