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Haul: Evansville Indiana Tj Maxx


Lately I haven’t been doing all that much shopping, for new clothes that is. Occasionally I’ll get something online that’s super trendy or if I fall in love with it, but most of the time I’ll do a little thrift shop shopping instead. However I still love shopping at places that sell designer goods at discounted prices, like The Nordstrom Rack or Tj Maxx which is where I bought all this fancy stuff. For shoes (since I’m a little wary about buying used) it’s the perfect place to shop and what most of this haul consists of. 

Head Sweatshirt – I saw a ton of different running/workout clothes, but nothing for the price I wanted to pay or in my size, except for this zippered hoodie. Normal price $50 I got it for $20 which I think is cheap for any jacket. I love the purple blue color and the fleece polyester contrast. 

Chloe K Dress – I’ve seen this brand in Nordstrom before (actually from my Nordstrom rack haul) and since I’m working on changing to a more dress and skirt style instead of wearing jeans everyday I thought that this casual t-shirt sort of dress would be perfect. $13

BCBG Flats – I’ve always been a fan of the skirts that BCBG has and have previously done a haul of the BCBG store but one thing I’ve never really considered were their shoes. However I could live without these black zipper flats for $20.

Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers – I’ve never been a big fan of the regular tennis shoe and often wear a coach sneaker when I’m trying to make an outfit more casual. When I saw what just might be their blue and white striped twin for $25 of course I had to get them.

Jessica Simpson Heels – If there is one thing Jessica Simpson knows how to do, it’s for sure make a good pair of heels. Although this pair is a little on the small size for $20 I think I can make it work. No pain on game right?


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