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Review: Kanbrook Digital Meat Thermometer


For quite awhile now I’ve not been eating meat, or really any animal products. This is something you might have noticed with recipes like tofu sticky rice, and my vegan enchiladas. However when I’m making things that are sort of packed, like tamales or stuffed bell peppers I really do need a way to check the temperature and make sure that it is actually cooking on the inside so I was super excited when Kanbrook sent me their digital thermometer to try out. 

Alright so this is one of those amazon products, which in my opinion is a great thing. That means fast and free (as long as you have prime) shipping and no worries payment since it’s all done through the amazon site. You can even easily send it as a gift to someone. 

Verdict: I love the easy to use look of this Kanbrook Digital Meat Thermometer. The digital output is large and clear. When testing this against an older thermometer I have it was accurate too. So this Kanbrook kitchen product is a winner to me. 

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