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How to Dress like a Lady Boss

Skirt / Sweater / Shoes / Bag / Earrings 
In the past I put together an outfit that was “hot work wear” and it was quite popular. Along with getting suggestions for an outdoor work outfit I also got a lot of suggestions for a less sensual look, one that is more corporate. So I put together a lady boss outfit that’s modest and 100% professional but still manages to be fashionable and appealing.  
  • Skirt – As a female with a big(ish) butt and a small waist I am, of course, a big fan of pencil skirts. This long color block version is perfect for matching with multiple tops, and is just fun. *Although the zipper is in the front on the picture it’s actually worn on the side. 
  • Sweater – The rule for me tends to be one thing loose one thing tight, since the skirt is tight (as I like to call it curve hugging) the sweater is loose and bulky. I specifically had it match the red in the skirt to pull out the accent. 
  • Shoes – Mary Janes are the least “sexy” of the stiletto heels so I thought they’d be a good fit for this work outfit, although they’re still pretty hot. The black color is mute, since the skirt is so wild. 
  • Bag – Cross body bags are my favorite style and when they’re big enough to carry all of my beauty supplies I feel like it’s a match made in heaven. To match the shoes I went with a black bag and to warm up the outfit a bit I made sure the hardware was gold.
  • Jewelry – I’m never going to be one to go overboard with jewelry and in an office type of environment it’s not a good idea. So leave behind those big statement pieces. Instead I just added simple gold earrings. 


  1. That sure looks great and fashion forward! Honestly.. Mary Janes as a stiletto still are pretty sexy.. especially if you are going for the more professional look!


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