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What to Wear for a Casual Coffee Date

tank / jeans / jacket / purse / boots

Although I have been on a few very formal dates and have done different outfits for these occasions (see my fancy date outfit) I’m normally into more laid back dates. So I figured I could put together an outfit guide that represents my current casual date look, this one for a coffee date specifically. I think it’s a little more grown up than my casual day date outfit from almost two years ago, and I’m actually surprised at how much my style has changed. 

  • Tank – As a fairly modest girl I’m always careful of how I wear tank tops. However with a jacket over it and the very t-shirt fit that it has I think this grey sleeves shirt is a winner. Although I wouldn’t mind a breast pocket. 
  • Jeans – I know that a lot of people aren’t big fans destroy jeans but I can’t help but wear them. They really turn an outfit that’s too polished into something with personality, something that looks more fun. And of course these are in skinny leg.
  • Jacket – Lately I’ve really been loving The North Face. Their jackets have a lot of color options, are super comfy and have a casual cool feel that I love. The blue is just gorgeous, and it looks good zipped or unzipped. 
  • Purse – Of course I had to add this pricey Prada bag into my outfit. For me it’s just inspirations, and a little bit of aspiration. I love small cross bodies because they keep you from carrying everything with you. 
  • Boots – Every outfit needs a little bit of edge so I had to add in these studded booties. Although studs aren’t quite as in as they were last year they’re always going to be a staple in my closet. 

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